With the help of this short text I hope to give an idea of my personal experiences concerning the country, the people and the culture of Ghana.
As soon as one arrives, the outgoing and happy Ghanaians approach and greet you. I am sure many of you have heard that the people here seem happier, more outgoing and untroubled, although there lives are so much heavier to bear than ours and they have to work extremely hard to survive from day to day.

Eindrücke aus Ghana

I would also like to tell you about my many TroTro-Trips, which will always make me smile when thinking about them:
One sits in a small minibus surrounded by Ghanaians. For the whole ride they all seem to old friends. When one sees these small swaying buses on the bumpy roads, one is overwhelmed by the loud music coming from its inside, the loud “fanfare” of the horn and by the cracking of the old engine. One is always occupied when looking out of the window, whilst warm dusty wind blows in one’s face. It is so interesting to watch the everyday life of the world outside go by or the beautiful bushy landscape. At every stop one has the opportunity to buy various foods or everyday utensils from the merchants who come running towards the windows with the baskets balanced on their heads as soon as they see the TroTro coming.

The cities, which are more modern, louder, slower concerning traffic, quicker concerning development, have a totally different lifestyle in comparison to the quiet, agricultural, rural villages with simpler circumstances also regarding education and medical maintenance.

Eindrücke aus Ghana

Sadly though I cannot only report positive aspects. The development into a modern state is creating many problems because the Ghanaians are not only copying positive aspects of the modern world, which leads to the fact that more important components of a modern state such as a good educational system are being neglected. Partially they seem to expect others to do the work of organisation for them but only to the extent that they feel their culture is not being endangered. Another sad aspect is the relationship between men and women also regarding money. Furthermore a fact that bothered me from time to time is that some inhabitants ask for to much from tourists and volunteers and take given help for granted without knowing what it means to us.

These negative aspects have not been mentioned to deter from getting to know Ghana, with all its positive elements.
Everyone who is interested in new cultures, who can adapt to new situations and is not very demanding will have a wonderful time in this musical, traditional and peaceful black country.

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